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KabiCare Patient Support Program forOncology Portfolio

Supporting your patients during cancer treatment:

  • We understand how complicated, costly, and overwhelming cancer treatment can be for your patients. Each patient’s treatment plan is carefully constructed and managed by you and your teams.

At Fresenius Kabi, we leverage our 100-year long history to develop a portfolio of over 30 Oncology medications used in cancer treatment, the majority of which are filled and finished in the United States. The quality and safety of our products is the basis of our business.

Program Support Areas

Learn more about the program support for our Oncology Portfolio offered through KabiCare:

Icon: Financial Support Financial Support

Financial support options for Fresenius Kabi products:

  • KabiConnect, part of the KabiCare Program, provides an option for eligible patients to receive financial support for these medications.
  • If your patient has commercial or private insurance, they may be eligible* for the copay support program to lower out-of-pocket costs to as little as $0/month for treatment with an annual maximum.
  • To check eligibility and enroll patients please visit the site below. Click here to complete the enrollment process (Opens in a New Window).

* Eligibility criteria apply. Patients are not eligible for commercial copay assistance if the prescription is eligible to be reimbursed, in whole or in part, by any state or federal healthcare program.

If treatment has already been given and copay benefits for prescribed Fresenius Kabi products were not explored prior to administration, your patient may still potentially qualify for copay reimbursement.

Claims Submission and Reimbursement

There are options for both healthcare providers and patients to submit and be reimbursed for claims.

1. Medical Benefit Copay Claims

  • Online access via (Opens in a New Window)
  • Fax to 844-805-9524 (PLEASE NOTE: for Stimufend copay claims fax to 844-805-9525)
  • You will need to include:
    • Completed Claim form (UB or CMS-1500 Claim form)
    • Primary Explanation of Benefits (EOB) showing itemized Claim form with National Drug
  • Codes (NDCs) listed from the patient’s private insurance company with the cost for the drug listed separately.
  • Your office will receive reimbursement of the patient’s applicable copay or coinsurance.
  • Please allow 7-10 days for receipt of payment.

2. Pharmacy Benefit Adjudication

  • The pharmacy will submit a secondary claim to RxC Acquisition Company d/b/a RxCrossroads by McKesson using the information below:
    • Copay Program Member ID
    • Group Number: 50777975
    • RxBin: 610524
    • RxPCN: Loyalty
  • The pharmacy will receive real-time notification of the paid benefit amount.
  • The pharmacy will collect the remaining patient responsibility, if any.

3. Reimbursement

  • Healthcare Provider Reimbursement
    • Providers will be reimbursed via check when issued their first payment. Notification includes directions to enroll in ACH processing.
  • Direct-to-Patient Reimbursement
    • If treatment has already been provided and copay benefits for prescribed Fresenius Kabi products were not explored prior to administration, your patient may still potentially qualify for copay reimbursement.
    • Access the copay enrollment portal to enroll your patient for copay assistance.
    • Have your patient apply for reimbursement by accessing If your patient qualifies, he/she may be able to receive financial support that is often critically needed during treatment.
      • There is a 180-day lookback period for submitted claims from when the patient was enrolled.

Oncology Portfolio Resources

We have created a list of some resources to useful websites that may help support your patients during their treatment journey: