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Clinical Insights Program

A personalized approach to optimizing patient outcomes1-3

Medical Professional with Tablet Reviewing with PatientThe Clinical Insights Program provides Therapeutic Drug Monitoring (TDM) at no cost for eligible patients*

Why Therapeutic Drug Monitoring?

A validated approach to personalized disease management1,3

Therapeutic drug monitoring (TDM) measures serum drug and antibody levels and can arm you with important data to help optimize your patient’s treatment journey. The goal of TDM is to help healthcare professionals:1-3

  • Measure drug concentrations to inform physicians of drug exposure or identify the presence of anti-drug antibodies
  • Determine if patient symptoms may be caused by insufficient drug levels or anti-drug antibodies due to treatment
  • Achieve more durable drug responses that may result in reduced flares and allow for patients to stay in remission longer

Clinical Insights Program

Helps optimize therapy and supports improved outcomes for your patients.1-3

  • Anser® ADA for IDACIO® and Anser® TCZ for TYENNE® are validated therapeutic drug monitoring tests (TDM). TDM tests help to assess efficacy of therapeutic medication in support of durable drug response.5,6
  • The Clinical Insights Program provides Anser® ADA for IDACIO® and Anser® TCZ for TYENNE® at no cost for eligible

Anser ADA for Idacio Logo
Anser® ADA for IDACIO® is a TDM test developed and validated by Prometheus Laboratories to measure serum levels of adalimumab and antibodies-toadalimumab from one blood sample.
Anser TCZ for Tyenne Logo
Anser® TCZ for TYENNE® is a TDM test developed and validated by Prometheus to measure serum levels of tocilizumab.

Who is eligible?

Fresenius Kabi’s Clinical Insights Program will cover the cost of up to two tests per year for either Anser® ADA for IDACIO® or  Anser® TCZ for TYENNE®*

$0 Up to 2X Per Year

Patients will need to meet the following eligibility criteria*:

  • Prescribed or already using IDACIO® or TYENNE®
  • 18 years of age or older
  • Diagnosed with RA (IDACIO®/ TYENNE® ) or IBD (IDACIO® only)
  • Commercially insured or uninsured

Your patients may benefit from the KabiCare Patient Support Program’s other offerings, however they do not have to be enrolled in KabiCare to receive the test.

To order your transport kit:

Call toll-free in the U.S.:
Monday through Friday
6:00am – 4:30pm
Pacific Time

Quality Support for your patients and their clinical management

A simplified process providing validated results:

Icon: Write PrescriptionWrite Prescription
Prescribe IDACIO® (adalimumab-aacf) or TYENNE® (tocilizumab-aazg) and confirm your patient’s eligibility for the Anser® test.

Icon: Order Test KitOrder Test Kit
Download and fill out out the Anser® Transport Kit order form (PDF Opens in a New Window) or call 1-877-216-3677 to order test kits. The transport kit may be delivered to your office, your patient’s home, or the phlebotomy lab.

Complete the test requisition form contained in the test kit. Only the Anser® ADA for IDACIO® or Anser® TCZ for TYENNE® test requisition form (PDF Opens in a New Window) will be accepted.

Icon: Coordinate Sample CollectionCoordinate Sample Collection*
Instruct the patient to bring the transport kit and completed requisition form to their blood draw appointment if the practice will not be collecting the sample.

Once the sample has been collected, follow the shipping instructions on the back of the test requisition form.

Icon: Interpret ReportInterpret Report
The Anser® TDM report provides valuable data about how the patient is responding to treatment and helps support the decision-making process.

Test results are faxed or mailed to your office approximately 3-5 business days from the date the blood sample was received at Prometheus® Laboratories for testing.

Icon: Consult with your PatientConsult with your Patient
As with other chronic diseases, you and your patient will make many decisions about their care that can have a significant impact on their quality of life.

Adding TDM as part of your overall clinical care can help optimize therapy with the goal of improving outcomes and reducing overall cost.2-4

Prometheus® Laboratories Logo

The Clinical Insights Program from Fresenius Kabi is offered in collaboration with Prometheus® Laboratories.

Prometheus® Laboratories is a specialty laboratory enabling precision-guided care by offering clinical testing services that help clinicians improve outcomes across the patient journey through optimization and monitoring of therapeutic care.

Prometheus® Laboratories offers you 24/7 online access to laboratory test results through their online platform, ProNet.

For general questions or information about mobile phlebotomy options and participating locations, please call Client Services at (877)-216-3677, or go to (Opens in a New Window)

* Phlebotomy-related costs may be incurred at non-participating locations.

Anser® ADA for IDACIO® is a laboratory-developed tests that was developed and validated under Federal CLIA laboratory guidelines by Prometheus Laboratories. Prometheus and Anser®, are registered trademarks of Prometheus Laboratories Inc, San Diego, California.


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